Mike Ward, Car-Mart's Vice President of Associate Support, standing by the America's Car-Mart sign outside of the corporate office in Rogers, Ark.

Mike Ward Takes to The Runway for a Great Cause

America’s Car-Mart Associate Models to Help Raise Awareness and Money for Hope Cancer Resources

As Mike Ward walks the runway, he will be thinking of his father.

Mike, our Vice President of Associate Support, will represent America’s Car-Mart at the 20th annual Bill Fleeman Gentlemen of Distinction gala benefitting Hope Cancer Resources. Proceeds from the event support the organization’s mission to provide compassionate, professional cancer support and education in Northwest Arkansas. The event honors the legacy of Bill Fleeman, Car-Mart’s founder. Car-Mart is a proud sponsor of this worthy initiative.

Mike with his father, Dale, at Mike's wedding in 1993.
Mike with his father, Dale, at Mike’s wedding in 1993.

Mike’s dad, Dale Ward, lost his battle with bladder cancer many years ago. Mike remembers the pain and suffering experienced by his dad. He wishes his dad had the support and services available to him that are offered by Hope Cancer Resources.

“Watching my dad go through what he went through was heart-wrenching,” says Mike, who was 30 when his dad died at age 57. “Maybe that helped me change my lifestyle. Today cancer is one of my biggest fears, and my habits have changed.” Mike is an avid runner, running nearly 25 miles weekly, and he maintains a healthy lifestyle.

So, as he dances – yes, they dance – on the runway – to Jump for My Love by the Pointer Sisters, he’ll be remembering his dad. “It’s a fun song from the disco era and has a lot of beats and good vibes,” smiles Mike.

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Modeling for a worthy cause

Mike Ward, Car-Mart's Vice President of Associate Support, standing by Car-Mart's timeline at the corporate office.
Mike Ward joined Car-Mart in 2013 and is our Vice President of Associate Support, playing an integral role in our company’s history.

“At Car-Mart, we’re committed to improving our local communities. This event really exemplifies that, so it’s a great way to support this cause, lead by example, and help raise funds towards the fight against cancer,” says Mike, while adding the gala features a unique way to involve the community.

Mike also believes in the mission of Hope Cancer Resources. “I applaud their efforts to provide support to individuals going through their difficult situations,” Mike says. “It embraces what life is about, and that’s helping others.”

Additionally, Mike says the gala is a great way to honor Car-Mart’s founder, Bill Fleeman. “When you think of Bill, you hear that he had a lot of compassion for others,” says Mike. “So, it’s an honor to carry on his legacy at the gala.”

Having fun

Halloween 2019
Mike Ward has fun dressing up in different Halloween costumes every year. Here he is in 2019.

Mike, who graduated from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, joined Car-Mart’s Human Resources department in 2013. He shares the company’s values of Integrity, Respect, Compassion, and Excellence. In fact, every October, he enjoys dressing up for Halloween, having dressed as a pirate, a clown, a medieval knight, Indiana Jones, and Bill Lumbergh (from the movie Office Space).

Mike plans to have fun and enjoy the Gentlemen of Distinction gala while dressed in business casual attire and remembering his dad. He concludes, “It’s a fantastic cause, and I’m glad to support it.”

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