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Their Stories are Our Story

Celebrating America’s Car-Mart of Siloam Springs Through the Voices of Our Customers

Family. Friendly. Compassionate. Great service. Helpful. Quality, used vehicles. Simple car-buying process.

Such are the words used by long-time customers to describe their experiences at America’s Car-Mart of Siloam Springs, Ark. Since February 1, 1985, when the Siloam Springs dealership opened its doors, the Siloam team has welcomed thousands of customers into their Car-Mart family.

Indeed, customers are a huge part of our Car-Mart story. With these nice words, it’s no surprise that Car-Mart of Siloam Springs won the company’s coveted Lot of the Year for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022. And as the dealership celebrates its all-new building with a grand re-opening, we’re delighted to shine a spotlight on some of our wonderful customers.

“At Car-Mart, our customers are part of our family. We care about them, and we help them to be successful with their vehicle ownership,” says Jason Henson, General Manager at Car-Mart of Siloam Springs. “It’s our job to go the extra mile to help them and make their lives a little bit better.

Here are the stories of a few customers who are part of Car-Mart’s customer-focused legacy in Siloam Springs:

Toni Howell – “I just love Car-Mart!”

Toni bought her first Car-Mart car when she was a single mom and didn’t have a lot of money, nor the greatest credit. Her daughter, Ashley, was 12, and now she’s 32! That first car was a Chevrolet Beretta*. “Car-Mart was willing to work with me, and that’s what drew me to them,” says Toni, who has purchased six Car-Mart vehicles. “I drove the wheels off that car.”

Toni’s other Car-Mart vehicles include a Chrysler LeBaron, which she traded in for a Mercury Mountaineer. Toni and her husband, Leroy, bought another Mountaineer, then a Buick Sentry, a GMC Terrain, and a Kia Sorento.

Car-Mart of Siloam Springs customer, Toni H
Car-Mart of Siloam Springs customer, Toni H

Toni values the friendliness and compassion shown by the Car-Mart Siloam Springs team. “Along the way, things happen. Sometimes you need a late payment thing,” says Toni. “When

that happened to me, I was scared to go to Car-Mart, but they were very understanding. They’re so friendly. There’s no reason not to go back.”

She also appreciates Car-Mart’s quality vehicles. “I’ve never had any major issues with any of my vehicles,” Toni says. “If I did have an issue, I let them know, and it gets fixed.”

When buying or trading in a vehicle at Car-Mart, it’s a fast, easy process. “Bing, bang, boom. It’s about 45 minutes,” says Toni. “Car-Mart wants to make sure you’re happy in your vehicle. They make sure they get you into something you can afford. They really do care about their customers.”

For her vehicles, she has purchased the optional service contract. “I never remember to do oil changes, so with this, I never have to worry about whether or not I have the money for an oil change,” she remarks.

Toni thinks so highly of Car-Mart that she has referred seven people to Car-Mart. For that, she received a Crystal Award from Car-Mart through the company’s Sell a Friend program.

*Toni purchased her Beretta at Car-Mart of Fort Smith, Ark. She became a Siloam Springs customer in 2009.

S.D. Logan-Hill – “Car-Mart understands that life happens.”

All of S.D.’s seven Car-Mart vehicles are trade-ins including a Cab Chevy, Kia, Chevy Cruise (for his daughter), Dodge Journey, Dodge 2500. His favorite is the 2007 Dodge truck.

“I keep returning to Car-Mart because of the people,” says S.D., a two-car, Car-Mart family. S.D. drives a Dodge Ram truck, and his wife, Mary, drives a Dodge Journey.

S.D. Logan-Hill and his wife Mary
S.D. Logan-Hill and his wife Mary

“From the first time we walked through the doors, they treated us like family,” says S.D. “Everyone was nice, super friendly. It was like you were walking through the door of your own home. No pressure. They let you roam and look. It’s a relaxed home feeling.”

S.D. is big on communications. When issues do surface, he tells his Car-Mart account manager. “They always come up with a solution. They really do work with you,” says S.D. “But you have to communicate with them. If you don’t communicate, they can’t help you.”

“That’s why I’ve stayed with Car-Mart. I know if I ever have an issue, I can go to Car-Mart, let them know what’s going on, and they’re always willing to help,” he adds.

S.D. appreciates the simple, easy and fast car-buying process. “They go through every detail of how they do business. To me, that says something,” S.D. says. “Car-Mart wants to help make simple for their customers. They are straightforward and honest.”

“I will stick with Car-Mart because they do us great,” says S.D. “They know Mary and me by name. It’s like family.”

O.C. Branson – “All my Car-Mart vehicles have been great!”

O.C. likes doing business with Car-Mart. “It’s that one-on-one friendship. I like them,” he says. “I can go in and tell them I’m a little tight, and they’ll figure something out.”

O.C. Branson in front of Car-Mart of Siloam Springs
O.C. Branson in front of Car-Mart of Siloam Springs

“And they seem to love me to death,” he adds. “They’re very nice people. They’re like family.”

O.C. has purchased 12 vehicles from Car-Mart. His favorite vehicle is the one he’s driving now – a 2014 GM Silverado Texas edition. “It’s a beautiful truck, and runs like a new one,” says O.C.

When O.C. is interested in a new vehicle, he tells the Car-Mart team what he’s looking for, and they’ll find it for him. “They go overboard to help fulfill my vehicle wants,” O.C. says. “I don’t have to buy from Car-Mart, but I do because I lean that way. They’re good people.”

Chester Diver – “I’ve had good luck with Car-Mart cars.”

More than 20 cars over nearly 30 years, and Chester stills buys his vehicles at Car-Mart of Siloam Springs. The cars are affordable and nice. It’s also the people.

“I get along with the Car-Mart people and we like to tease each other. They call me ‘trouble,’” says Chester. “It’s how they treat you when you walk in. They say ‘hi.’ When you can joke around with people, I feel comfortable.”

“Car-Mart has been good to me. They’ve helped me out. They will work with me on payments,” adds Chester, whose first Car-Mart vehicle was an orange Firebird. Now he drives a 2015 Chevy Malibu.

Chester also appreciates Car-Mart’s optional service contracts. “I know Car-Mart will help get my issues repaired,” he says. “I’ve had good luck with Car-Mart cars.”

Thanks to Toni, S.D., O.C., and Chester for sharing their Car-Mart stories.

“In Siloam Springs, we’re here because of our customers. They inspire us to do our best for them,” Jason concludes. “We don’t want our customers to buy one car, we want them to buy ten cars, so we’ll do all we can to get them in a vehicle and keep them on the road.”

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