Shan Glenn, Assistant Manager, in Sherman, Texas.

“This is the Company for Me!”

From Future Manager to Assistant Manager, Shan Glenn Launches Her America’s Car-Mart Career

Shan Glenn wasn’t looking for a job when she received an email from a recruiter at America’s Car-Mart. Not knowing anything about cars, but curious, Shan opened the email.

Shan with Kayla Wiles, America's Car-Mart Corporate Recruiter.
(L-R) Shann Glenn, Assistant Manager, Sherman, Texas, started her Car-Mart journey with a conversation with Kayla Wiles, Corporate Recruiter.

She agreed to a conversation with the recruiter, and even then, she was hesitant, thinking Car-Mart was not a fit for her. Then came the interview. “It was lovely,” says Shan. “It didn’t feel like an interview. Kayla really made me want to come to Car-Mart. She drew me in. She explained all about the company, and the future manager program. I was intrigued.”

Next came an interview with Chance Armstrong, General Manager, Car-Mart of Texarkana, Texas. That conversation made her think that, perhaps, Car-Mart could be a spot for her. Soon after, she received a phone call with a job offer.

“I was excited,” says Shan, also a Car-Mart customer. “I knew I was coming into a field I knew nothing about, but they made me feel comfortable that I could do it.”

Shan started in March 2023 in Texarkana. Three short months later, the 32-year-old Shan served as the Assistant Manager in Wichita Falls, Texas. And now she’s the Assistant Manager in Sherman, Texas.

Already, she feels at home. “Car-Mart is where I will retire from,” Shan smiles. “This is the company for me!”

Shan’s Car-Mart journey begins in the Future Manager training program

Car-Mart’s training program for future managers focuses on practical learning in all aspects of the business, such as buying and selling vehicles, preparing the lot, and interacting with customers. Shan, who holds an Associate Degree in Business from Texarkana Community College, gained her experience in Texarkana, Wichita Falls, and Lufkin, Texas. She spent three weeks learning about inventory, followed by four weeks in sales and then collections.

Shan with her fellow trainees during the Future Manger Seminar.
Shan with her fellow trainees during the Future Manger Seminar.

Upon completing their training at the dealership, students attend an in-person session at the Corporate Office. Here, they learn essential business skills such as leadership, time management, policies and procedures, underwriting, expense management, and customer service. Moreover, the company’s leaders meet the students and extend a warm welcome to them as new members of the Car-Mart team.

The training also immerses students in the company’s culture, as well as its mission, vision, and values. Shan learned that Car-Mart’s values – integrity, respect, compassion, and excellence – are woven into the business. “These values play a role in our jobs. This is what we do to keep our business going. They’re all connected, and they’re more than words. They’re a way of life at Car-Mart,” says Shan.

“The training was actual on-the-job stuff. I soaked it all up,” continues Shan, who plans to go back to college to further her education. “While I knew nothing about cars, I wanted to learn the business. Everyone pitched in to help, and no one gave up on me. They taught me how to run the business.”

“Car-Mart wants me here!”

Shan says the Future Manager training was a positive experience that made her feel valued and welcome at Car-Mart. She’s ready to learn more and help Car-Mart be successful.

Car-Mart of Sherman Assistant Manager, Shan Glenn training GM Assistant Ana Trevino in sales.
At Car-Mart, it’s always about learning and growing. Here, Shan Glenn, Assistant Manager, Sherman, Texas, (R) teaches Ana Trevino, General Manager Assistant, all about sales.

Now that Shan has started her new position in Sherman, she is enthusiastic about making a positive impact both at her new dealership and at Car-Mart.

Shan has already set a goal for herself – to become a General Manager and then move to a position at the Corporate Office. “Right now, I want to be where the action is, so after GM, whatever comes my way,” smiles Shan. “I can achieve success at Car-Mart.”

Indeed, Shan is confident she’s in the right company, saying “This is the company for me!”

If you are interested to learn more about our Future Manager training program then read our blog post, Unlocking Potential.

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