Carmen Calderin Sanchez, America’s Car-Mart Director of Total Rewards

Welcome, Carmen Calderin Sanchez

Our New Director of Total Rewards at America’s Car-Mart

At America’s Car-Mart, associates are our top priority. That’s why we’re delighted to welcome Carmen Calderin Sanchez as our Director of Total Rewards. In this new role, she will oversee all aspects of Car-Mart’s compensation programs and benefits plans for associates. In addition, she will create programs that will enhance the overall associate experience and connect to our company’s values.

A graduate of Turabo University, Caguas Puerto Rico, Carmen has a proven track record in the compensation industry. She has designed and implemented compensation and total reward programs for various companies. And now Carmen will do just that at Car-Mart.

Here’s why Carmen made the decision to join our Car-Mart family, and what she envisions for our company.

Why are you excited to join America’s Car-Mart?

I was ready to make a change and started looking for opportunities. Car-Mart was a unique feeling as soon as I read about the company values – integrity, respect, excellence and compassion. At that moment, it was clear that this was the company I wanted to join.

Since I’ve been at Car-Mart, I see firsthand how associates believe in and live out the company’s values. I can already sense the passion that associates have for Car-Mart. And that’s something to get excited about. I’m thrilled to be at Car-Mart!

What are your hopes and dreams for you and America’s Car-Mart?

I want to use my skills and experience to help drive associates to bring the mission, vision and values to life every single day. I want to create programs that enable associate retention and attract new talent to Car-Mart.

When it comes to associates, it’s important to me that Car-Mart is a place where they can grow and develop their careers. To that end, I will be diligent in helping Car-Mart be a great place to work.

Join our team!

If you want to work with awesome people like Carmen, come work at Car-Mart. Go to to learn about job opportunities at Car-Mart in our 12-state area.

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