6 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Spring

Ensure your car is road-ready for travel

Yes, it’s Spring – a good time for some spring maintenance on your vehicle. Winter can be hard on a car, so it’s always good to make sure your vehicle is road-ready. From checking on the inside and under the seats to inspecting the outside and under the hood, we’ve compiled helpful tips and links to all our helpful maintenance articles on Car-Mart.com to help you get your vehicle ready for Spring.

Wash, Check, Inspect, Change

Here are six tips for ensuring your vehicle is ready for your spring and summer road trips:

  1. Wash your vehicle

Give your car or truck a good spring cleaning. Wash the outside – all around and underneath, remove all the trash, vacuum the inside.

Check out why washing your car is an essential part of your overall maintenance routine in our blog – A Clean Car = A Happy You.

  1. Check your tires

Make sure your tires are ready for wet streets. Look for worn treads and replace your tires if the treading is too worn.

Check the tire pressure and keep your tires regulated according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Underinflation causes tires to wear out and reduces gas mileage. Overinflated tires cause uneven wear leading to replacement sooner than needed.

And finally, be sure your tires are in alignment.

In our As the Wheels Turn blog, we talk about the importance of tire rotation and more.

  1. Inspect your brakes

Test your brakes. Snow, slush and salt can take a toll on your braking system. If you hear squeaking noises and grinding sounds, now’s the perfect time to get your car’s brakes checked for safer driving.

Learn why brakes are the most essential part of your car for safe driving in our blog – Squeal, Squeak, Grind – 3 Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear.

  1. Change your oil

Schedule an oil change. Winter is hard on engines, and the oil and filter can become dirty. Changing the oil will enhance better performance of your engine.

When it comes to the longevity of your vehicle, it’s all about the oil. Learn more in our blog – 8 Things to Know about your Vehicle Oil Changes.

  1. Check your battery

Inspect and clean your battery if it’s dirty and corrosive. You can get your battery checked for free at your local auto parts store.Car Care Tips Car Battery

Learn how to extend your battery’s life in our blog – How to Keep your Car Battery Running Longer.

  1. Replace your wipers and fluids

Make sure your wipers don’t leave streaks and are cleaning your windows adequately. Replace them, if necessary. After all, you’ll want to see through the upcoming spring rains. (By the way, the lifespan of a windshield wiper blade is six to 12 months).

While you’re checking the windshield wiper fluid, have a mechanic check the other fluids including power steering, brakes and transmission.

Regular maintenance can save on costly repairs and safety hazards down the road. So, spring into action and check your vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is road-ready for you and your family.

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