Shelli Carlson with her daughter, Dashia, and Car-Mart of Lufkin General Manager Rodriquez Candley

America’s Car-Mart Delivers for Mom and Daughter

Dashia White Gets Her Birthday Car

When Shelli Carlson’s 17-year-old daughter had her heart set on a specific car, America’s Car-Mart of Lufkin, Texas, made it happen. Dashia White, a high school junior, couldn’t be happier.

Dashia knew when she turned 17, she could get a car. She wanted the cute 2014 Ford Fusion available at Car-Mart. Unfortunately, it was a little out of reach financially.

Yet, Shelli received a call from Car-Mart. The voice on the other end said, “I’m going to make your day.” Shelli said, “Say what?” John Mosley, the Sales Associate, replied, “I’m going to get your daughter into that Ford Fusion.”

So, it was off to Car-Mart for mom and daughter. John handed Dashia a set of keys. “What are these for?” Dashia asked. “Go figure it out,” said John. “I already know. It’s for the Ford Fusion I want,” smiled Dashia.

Shelli Carlson's daughter, Dashia, with her new car
Shelli Carlson’s daughter, Dashia, with her new car

And that was that! Dashia had her car!

Oh, happy day!

After completing the paperwork, the Car-Mart associates played Dashia’s favorite rap song, “Outside Today,” by the NBA Youngboy. They also sang happy birthday to her. After all, she was turning 17 in just three days!

“They sang as we walked out to the car. John was dancing. Dashia loved it. I loved it,” says Shelli. “I was so pleased they made her day. They made the deal work. They wanted to make her happy.”

Of course, the occasion couldn’t pass without photos. “We have to landmark Dashia’s first car,” Shelli smiles.

Creating an ‘experience’ at Car-Mart

“When people come to our Car-Mart, we want it to be an experience. Shelli and Dashia were great people. They came with great spirits, so we just wanted to have a little fun,” says John about serenading Dashia. “It was an awesome experience for us. And we’re just thrilled we figured out a way to get Dashia into the car she wanted.”

Shelli Carlson's daughter, Dashia, with her new car
Shelli Carlson’s daughter, Dashia, with her new car

Shelli plans to return to Car-Mart when she needs a vehicle. “My vehicle is paid for, but I’m kind of jealous of Dashia’s car. I have a son, but he’s only nine,” Shelli laughs. “But we’ll be back!”

Car-Mart worked out a payment plan that worked for Dashia, which included the Peace of Mind package. Shelli appreciates Car-Mart for being friendly, personable, and helpful. She appreciates having a dependable car for her daughter, who hasn’t stopped since she’s gotten her new car!

“I was impressed with how they treated us,” concludes Shelli.

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