Car-Mart family, group photo of some of our associates who have family members also working for Car-Mart

America’s Car-Mart Runs in the Family

Our Car-Mart family continues to grow.

When you work at a great company, many times you want your family members to work there, too! At America’s Car-Mart, we have several families who work alongside each other.

They are moms and dads and their sons and daughters. Also, brothers and brothers-in-law. The parents share stories of pride and joy as they can watch their children grow their careers at Car-Mart. They motivate and inspire each other as they work together as Car-Mart teammates.

Check out these stories from a few of our Car-Mart families:

Mom and daughter

Beth Harrison, Underwriter, worked at Car-Mart over eight years when her daughter, Anna Moseley, Content Development Manager, joined her. Both work at the Corporate Office in Rogers, Ark., and both carpool to the office because they’re next-door neighbors!

Beth and her daughter Anna
Beth Harrison and her daughter Anna Moseley

“I love having Anna here. I, also, love when fellow associates stop me to brag on Anna. I have heard what a hard worker she is and how she is always helpful and brings a smile to those around her,” says Beth.

“I am so proud my child works at Car-Mart because I get to see firsthand the impact she has on others daily,” Beth continues. “I was a single parent for many years and had to work hard to care for my children on my own. Things were rough at times but seeing how far she has come and knowing how hard she works tells me the struggle was well worth it.”

Anna said ‘yes’ to Car-Mart before she even knew the position. Of course, Car-Mart was a topic of conversation at home, and Beth shared stories about the positive work environment and friendly associates.

“Watching my mom help others as a Loss Recovery Agent made me proud. I am so proud of the hard work my mom has put into every role she has, and now I watch her in her new role, as the only female Underwriter in Car-Mart History!” Anna says. “I love working with her and am inspired to work harder because of her.”

A Car-Mart family

Rebecca with her son Jeremiah and son-in law, Chad
Rebecca Canada with her son Jeremiah Lara and son-in law, Chad Graham

It was a sense of family that drew Cheltzie Muff, Corporate Receptionist, to Car-Mart. She grew up knowing about Car-Mart because her mom, Rebecca Canada, Administrative Assistant, has worked at Car-Mart since 2007. Cheltzie’s brother, Jeremiah Lara, Inventory Associate at Car-Mart of Fayetteville, Ark., joined Car-Mart in July 2021. Then it was Cheltzie’s brother-in law, Chad Graham joined in December 2021 as an Inventory Associate, Fayetteville. And finally, Cheltzie joined Car-Mart earlier this year as a Corporate Administrator, Corporate Office.

Rebecca and her daughter Cheltzie
Rebecca Canada and her daughter Cheltzie Muff

Cheltzie knew Car-Mart was the place for her when Car-Mart ensured her mom had her job at Car-Mart after she was hospitalized and in a coma because of COVID. That was the moment Cheltzie decided to give Car-Mart a try.

“I love knowing my family works for a company that has family values and treats you as family,” says Cheltzie.

Like mother, like daughter

Christy Bradberry, Executive Assistant / Paralegal, Corporate Office, joined Car-Mart in 2008. Her daughter Kynzi Eichler, Sales Associate at Car-Mart of Rogers North, Ark., joined her mom at Car-Mart in 2020.

Christy and her daughter Kynzi
Christy Bradberry and her daughter Kynzi Eichler

“Kynzi wanted to have career opportunities, and she knew that Car-Mart has been really good to me,” says Christy. “I am proud to watch her grow and see what she will accomplish. It makes me happy knowing she works for a good company.”

“I always know that I have somebody I can turn to when I have a question, and I don’t know who I need to call,” says Kynzi.

“I love that she works for the same company,” adds Christy. “There are so many opportunities available for her. She can grow with Car-Mart.”

Dad and son

Dave Simpson, Director of Field Operations, Corporate Office, is a long-time Car-Mart associate. He joined the company in 1988, so he knows Car-Mart. His son, Carl, bounced around jobs after high school, some good, some not so good. Carl’s last job in a metal plant made Dave realize that Carl wasn’t afraid of hard work. So, he encouraged Carl to join him at Car-Mart. And in 2020, Carl joined his dad and the Car-Mart family as an Account Representative at Springdale West, Ark. He is now a Loss Recovery Agent, Corporate Office.

“I told everyone Carl is his own person, and he is to earn anything he does at Car-Mart,” says Dave. Carl excelled in collections and was asked to join the Account Resolutions Team at the Corporate Office. “He’s done very well, and I am proud of his success so far in his career. He started at the same age as me, and I look forward to watching him grow with Car-Mart.”

Dave and his son Carl
Dave Simpson and his son Carl Simpson

“Early on, I realized that not only is Car-Mart a great team, but an even greater family,” says Carl. When he was offered the opportunity to move to the Corporate Office, he was a little nervous, but he was inspired by the passion of his dad and Car-Mart’s leaders.

“I was deeply inspired to become the best person I could be. The opportunities Car-Mart has given me are a huge blessing. Working with dealerships throughout Car-Mart to improve our communities is an amazing experience,” Carl says. “I always wondered how my dad was able to stick it out with a company for 30+ years and now I see why. I can’t picture myself being a part of any other family, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Car-Mart. It is truly a land of amazing opportunity, and if you’re willing to put in the effort anything is possible.”

Thanks to these associates for sharing their family stories. If you are interested in joining the Car-Mart family, learn more on our Careers page!

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