Couple trading in their old car for a new one at Car-Mart

What to Bring to Car-Mart to Trade-In Your Vehicle

Have Your Paperwork in Order

You’ve washed your car. You’ve vacuumed the interior. And you’ve cleaned out all your stuff. Now you’re ready to drive your vehicle to America’s Car-Mart to trade it in for another vehicle.

We’ll be ready and waiting for you. So, know what to bring to the dealership. Having the correct paperwork will help us get you on the road as quickly as possible.

What to bring to the dealership:
  • Various forms of identification
    Various forms of identification

    Proof of identity

Valid driver’s license, social security card, passport, or government ID. You’ll need a driver’s license to test drive a new vehicle, and we’ll need a copy of your loan paperwork.

  • Proof of income and resident

Recent paystub, benefit letter, etc. Also, current utility bill, copy of your lease, etc.

  • VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
    VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

    VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

The identifying code for your vehicle. It’s usually located on the vehicle’s driver-side dashboard near the windshield, driver’s side door jam, vehicle insurance card, or vehicle title.

  • Vehicle title

Your title is your proof of ownership and establishes you have the authority to trade in your vehicle. The vehicle title must be in your name.

  • Registration and payoff information if you are still paying on your vehicle

The amount you owe on your vehicle and your state’s registration documentation.

  • Insurance card

This will allow you to test drive a vehicle; we’ll need it for our files.

And here’s a list of other things that are nice to have for your trade-in but not required:

  • Spare car keys
    Spare car keys

    Extra set of keys

  • Vehicle history report

Details about your vehicle include the title status, accident history, mileage, and more.

  • Car paperwork in the glove box
    Car paperwork in the glove box

    Vehicle Owner’s Manual

If you have the manual, great. If not, we’ll do without it.

  • Maintenance records

Receipts for maintenance work (e.g., oil changes, tire rotations, etc.) performed on your vehicle. Hopefully, you’ve kept this information in your glove box!

Trading in your vehicle is exciting. You can drive your old car to Car-Mart, and in a very short time, drive away in a new vehicle. By remembering all the items you’ll need, you can ensure the process will go smoother, easier and faster. Again, we’re ready and waiting for you.

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The trade-in process at Car-Mart

When you visit a Car-Mart dealership to trade in your vehicle, we’ll invite you inside to finish the approval process and to select another car from our dealership. While you are shopping, we’ll evaluate your vehicle, making the process fast and easy.

Transparency is key in the trade-in process. So, know what’s wrong with your vehicle and share that information with your Car-Mart associate. Overall, come prepared to trade your vehicle for another vehicle. Be ready to conduct the trade the same day. Our goal is to get you, a loyal Car-Mart customer, into a new vehicle.

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