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How to Buy your Dream Car with Bad Credit

5 Steps to Financing Your Dream Car in 2022

When you think about buying your dream car, you may feel like it’s out of reach. But it’s not. At Car-Mart, we make it easy to buy a quality, used vehicle that is just right for you and that meets your needs.

Whatever your dream, you need a way to finance your dream car. Here are five steps to financing and driving away in your dream car:

  1. Set a goal to get your dream car.

Research about what kind of vehicle you’ll need – four doors or two doors, van or truck. Think about your family or career plans. Keep gas mileage in mind, as well as insurance and safety features.

  1. Consider your financial situation.

Plan a budget and plan for your down payment and monthly payment. Budgeting prior to signing the final paperwork will ensure you don’t overcommit your finances. Plus, a down payment can do a lot for you, such as reducing your payments. a family budget with stacks of coins a red piggy bank and a calculatorDon’t forget to factor in maintenance costs and insurance as part of your car expenses. Bottom line, know how much you can afford.

Learn more about budgeting in our blog, Five Steps to Creating a Budget.

  1. Check your credit score.

Know where you stand when it comes to your credit. At Car-Mart, we don’t use a traditional credit score to assess a customer’s overall ability to pay. We have found that doesn’t paint the picture about the uniqueness of our customers. credit report with a fair credit score of 672People aren’t just a credit score number.

Check out our blog, Get Smart about Credit. Also, hear from one of our experts on financing at Car-Mart in our blog, How to Finance a Used Vehicle at Car-Mart When You Have Bad Credit.

  1. Get financing from America’s Car-Mart.

Financing a quality, used vehicle is easy at Car-Mart. If you have no credit, bad credit, past repossession, or bankruptcy, we can help with financing.

Learn more about in our blog, Four Easy Steps to Car Buying and Financing at America’s Car-Mart.

  1. Be prepared when you go to Car-Mart.

Know what to bring when you come to purchase your dream car. Bring a valid driver’s license, proof of income (e.g., recent paystub, benefit letter), proof of resident (e.g., current utility bill, copy of lease), proof of identity (e.g., social security card, passport of government ID), and vehicle title if you are trading in a vehicle.forms of identification; a passport, social security card, and driver's license

That’s it! Follow these steps and buy with confidence at America’s Car-Mart. You’ve done your homework. And now you’re ready to purchase your dream car. Take a bow!

Learn more about buying your dream car at Car-Mart in our blog, Five Steps to Getting the Car of Your Dreams at America’s Car-Mart.

At Car-Mart, our associates will work with you and help you develop a budget to ensure your payments align with your finances.

Is it time for new car? Come on in – trade in and trade up for a newer vehicle. Your vehicle trade is your down payment on select vehicles. Start shopping today.

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