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At America’s Car-Mart, we’re passionate about helping our customers. When a customer purchases a vehicle from us, they become part of our Car-Mart family. Our compassionate associates will do all they can to help our customers. We get to know them – about their lives, their children and grandchildren, their struggles, their joys, and so much more.

Indeed, it’s an honor to share the stories of some of our wonderful customers. Meet Allen, David and Dawson, Shelli and Dashia, Billy, and Rebecca.

“Car-Mart is family.” – Allen Parish

Allen Parish and Kaci Higgins, Sales Associate, with Allen’s Ford F-150
Allen Parish and Kaci Higgins, Sales Associate, with Allen’s Ford F-150

It’s nine Car-Mart vehicles for Allen. Most recently, he was ‘over the moon happy’ with his purchase of a Ford F-150 at Car-Mart of Shawnee, Okla. He loves his truck, but he also enjoys the camaraderie with the Shawnee team. “They joke with me, and I joke with them,” says Allen. “They have made me feel really comfortable.”

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“I didn’t think I could afford a vehicle.” – Billy Belt

Billy Belt - Car-Mart of Tyler Customer
Billy Belt, Customer at Car-Mart of Tyler, TX.

Six years ago, on a whim, Billy stopped by Car-Mart of Tyler, Texas to see what Car-Mart could do for him. He needed a truck for his business and drove home in a Ford F-150. “America’s Car-Mart is amazing,” says Billy, who plans to purchase another vehicle from Car-Mart in November after he’s paid off his truck.

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“I was impressed with how they treated us.” – Shelli Carlson

Shelli Carlson's daughter, Dashia, with her new car
Shelli Carlson’s daughter, Dashia, with her new car

When Shelli’s 17-year-old daughter, Dashia, had her heart set on a car, Car-Mart of Lufkin, Texas made it happen. And Dashia couldn’t be happier with her Ford Fusion. The Lufkin team like to create an ‘experience’ for their customers. So, it was a fun car-buying experience for mom and daughter.

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“The experience was great. We’re good to go!” – Dawson Maples

David and his son, Dawson, with Sales Associate, Heather Evans
David and his son, Dawson, with Sales Associate, Heather Evans

Dawson and his dad, David, are Camaro fanatics. David grew up working on Camaro’s with his dad, and he continued that tradition with his sons. So, when it was time for 20-year-old Dawson to get a new vehicle, it had to be a Camaro. Thanks to Car-Mart of Benton, Ark., Dawson has a Camaro to match his dad’s Camaro.

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“Car-Mart is the place to go.” – Rebecca Kurtz

Rebecca Kurtz - Car-Mart Customer
Rebecca Kurtz, Customer at Car-Mart of Henderson, KY.

Rebecca has purchased 15 vehicles from Car-Mart of Henderson, Ky. in the last 20+ years. Every other Friday, she journeys to Car-Mart to make her payments where she’s greeted with smiles. And when it’s time for a new vehicle, Car-Mart is the place for her. “I wouldn’t trade Car-Mart for anything,” she says.

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We’re thrilled to have such wonderful customers. We appreciate them, and we appreciate you. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do – Keep You on the Road.

We love our customers! See what other customers have to say about their experiences at America’s Car-Mart. Check out our Customer Testimonials page.

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