Don Walters, General Manager, America’s Car-Mart of Van Buren, AR

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Don Walters Talks about His Better and Brighter America’s Car-Mart of Van Buren

Eight months and a lot of noise, debris, dust and chaos, and the gutted building is now an impeccable and delightful facility, according to Don Walters of his remodeled facility at America’s Car-Mart of Van Buren, Ark.

“Our remodeled building is a great opportunity for Car-Mart to better serve Van Buren. It’s a total re-design of our facility and offers a completely different experience. It’s spacious, bright and refreshing – so inviting,” says Don, the dealership’s general manager.

Don Walters, General Manager, America’s Car-Mart of Van Buren, AR
Don Walters, General Manager, America’s Car-Mart of Van Buren, AR

When customers come to Car-Mart, they’re ‘wowed’ about the facelift. “You know you’ve done something when you get a response like that, adds Don, who started his Car-Mart career in Van Buren as a future manager in 2014. He then worked in Tahlequah, Okla., Paducah, Ky., and Fort Smith, Ark. before returning home to Van Buren in 2017.

“We’re growing, and our remodeled facility is better than ever,” Don says. “This is just another way for us to show our customers how much we appreciate them being part of our Car-Mart family. We’re so excited to welcome our customers to our revamped facility.”

Here’s more from Don about the remodeled Car-Mart of Van Buren:

What’s new and different for customers?

It’s an impeccable and delightful facility! We’ve updated both the outside and the inside. It’s not just a fresh coat of paint. It’s the colors, the windows, the walls, and so much more. We have more room, so we can serve our customers better and more efficiently.

Car-Mart of Van Buren renovated exterior
Car-Mart of Van Buren renovated exterior

We expanded and improved our lot so we can provide a bigger selection of vehicles. Car-Mart also now stands out more prominently with our two new signs.

The lobby features a refrigerator with refreshments for customers. There’s also a TV to offer a little entertainment. Customers will want to hang out here.

And because it’s such a delight and so exceptional every customer will receive our exceptional treatment!

What was the reason for the upgrade at Car-Mart of Van Buren?

We’re growing in Van Buren, and we’re serving more customers. We were busting out of our seams. Our building was super crowded. Our lot was congested, and cars were scattered. We couldn’t do a good job of showcasing our inventory.

Our customers deserve a nice place to conduct their business. And our associates have worked hard to expand our business and so, they deserve it, also.

All this gave us the opportunity to re-brand our building to match our new branded look and feel, which is bold, clean and modern.

Before the remodel, our shop in the back was a carport. Now we have a four-bay building where we can prep our vehicles and conduct minor repairs. Our property has doubled in size!

How does the remodel help you better serve your customers?

Our lot has expanded, and we now feature about 50 to 60 vehicles. So, we offer more choices of cars, trucks and SUVs for customers whether they want to purchase or trade-in.

Car-Mart Van Buren renovated lobby
Car-Mart Van Buren renovated lobby

Additionally, the flow of the building is better. We have 14 offices. Before we had eight offices. The extra offices are spacious and allow for more privacy. And we have two bathrooms. Finally, we have new, modern furniture, and that’s always fun.

We can also now walk around the entire building, so it’s just a lot more spacious and accommodating.

What’s the best thing you like about your remodeled facility?

It looks good. It looks new. And now I’m even prouder to have customers come to Car-Mart. It’s like telling your friends, ‘Hey we can go to my house.’ We’re the real deal.

The team at Car-Mart of Van Buren, AR
The team at Car-Mart of Van Buren, AR

Plus, our associates just love it. It’s giving us an extra tick in our step, as well as an increased sense of ownership.

Finally, because of the remodel, I feel like we’re not just a dot on the map. We’re a major Car-Mart, and we now have the opportunity to serve more customers. That’s exciting.

Why do you want customers to come to your Grand Re-Opening?

We want our customers to see what they’ve helped establish at Car-Mart of Van Buren. This is for all of us! So, it’s a big thank you. Thank you for being there then and for being who we are today.

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